Hand in glove cleaning car interior | Georgian Detailing | Barrie Exterior and Interior Auto Care


Many car owners shy away from professional help when it comes to maintaining the aesthetics of their vehicle.  Some think its just that; aesthetics, and that the bits of dirt in the cracks of the leather don’t matter.  The truth is for the average person who wishes to get the maximum usable life out of their vehicle, professional help makes all the difference.

Bringing your vehicle through the car wash may clean it, but touchless wash bays often have unregulated water pressure and the “one size fits all” approach doesn’t always work.  Often older paints have more delicate clear coats that become easily scratched, and begin to “cobweb” much quicker (damage that takes time and sometimes a hefty price to correct).  A detailer will also spray into all of the areas that are easily missed by automated washes such as the wheel wells, inside the rim, and the wiper cowl, to name a few.

A detailer also does not just “give it a wipe”, but also fortifies and protects an array of materials while cleaning them.  Instead of just cleaning dirt and grime from the paint surface, they protect it using polishes and waxes either after the wash, or in the soaps that they apply by hand.  Opposed to doing a vacuum and removing the light dirt, detailers shampoo and remove the dirt trapped at the bottom of the carpet before it turns to an unsightly stain.  Vinyl and leather that becomes dry can crack, by choosing the correct product for the material detailers clean and condition bringing new life to the interior.

Well kept cars also have a higher resale value when the time comes to make a change.  For most of us, the longer we keep our cars the more money we’ll be saving in the long run.  If you’re thinking of selling your car, I’d recommend giving it to a professional for a day and seeing if you still feel the same way after they rejuvenate your vehicle inside and out.