Auto Detailing Services

Interior Packages

Maintenance Interior Clean

Wipe Down Dashboard, Console & Doors

Floor Mats Cleaned & Shampooed

Blow Out Loose Debris & Vacuum Floors

Blow Out Loose Debris & Vacuum Seats

Clean all Interior Glass


Starting at $95.00

 Seasonal Interior Detail

Maintenance Interior Clean

Basic Exterior Wash

 Shampoo Floors & Remove Salt

Clean All Vinyl And Condition Dash

Seats Blown Out & Wiped Down

Trunk Vacuumed & Debris Blown Out

Door Jambs Cleaned

Clean All Glass


Starting at $140.00

Complete Interior Reconditioning

Seasonal Interior Detail

Professional Exterior Wash

Shampoo all Floors

Shampoo Cloth Seats

Deep Clean & Recondition Leather Seats

All Vinyl Cleaned & Reconditioned

Trunk Shampooed & Recondition Vinyl


Starting at $220.00

VIP Interior Detail

Complete Interior Reconditioning

Steam Clean & Apply Fabric Protection to Carpets & Seats

Deep Clean & Apply Ceramic Leather Protection

Steam Clean & Apply Textile Ceramic Coating

Auto Bomb Deodorizer

Tropical Gold Hand Wax or Paint Sealant

**Upgrade to Ceramic Pro Interior Protection For $100**


Starting at $350.00

Interior Add-Ons

Auto Bomb Deodorizer

This very effective method to kill odors that are trapped inside the vents and leave the entire interior with an overall freshness. Choose your desired scent: Vanilla, Black Diamond, or Fresh Linen.

Fabric Shield

Fabric Shield is a quick drying protectant for use on natural and synthetic fabrics. It does not block fabric breathability or destroy the fabric feel. Fabric Shield gives the fabric superior repellency & stain resistance while leaving no residual odour.

Full Steam Clean/Disinfect

Hard surfaces may appear to be solid, however they are actually porous. Steam penetrates those pores and naturally removes mold, spores, viruses & bacteria. Steam is very beneficial to those sensitive to chemicals or artificial smells and is a natural sanitizer & deodorizer.

Mystic Hard Paste Wax

One of the highest counts of carnauba available
Seals & hydrates for up to 6 months



Exterior Packages

 Professional Exterior Wash

Hand Wash & Dry

Detailed Rim & Wheel Wells Clean

Tire Shine & Clean Door Jambs

Premium Spray Wax

**Upgrade Your Wax For $35**



The Clay & Wax

Professional Exterior Wash

Clay Bar

Tropical Gold Paste Wax



Platinum Protection

The Clay & Wax

Double Wax Fortified w/Ceramic Minerals

 DFI “Defender” Applied To Windshield

All Rims Hand Waxed



VIP Exterior Detail

Wash & Apply Fallout Remover To Paintwork

Claybar & Paint Decontamination

Engine Shampooed & Water Based Dressing Applied

Prep For Ceramic

1 Layer of Ceramic Applied To All Exterior Paint

**Paint Correction Recommended**


Starting At $400

Exterior Add-Ons

DFI Windshield Protection

Windshields coated with Diamon-Fusion® are tested to be 10x more resistant to damage from road debris while making driving safer by repelling rain or snow & reducing glare. The repellant is UV resistant and will not blister or peel like other coatings.

Headlight Treatment

Sand & debris from the road while traveling at high speeds deteriorates the finish of headlights and leaves them looking cloudy. Polishing the headlights & coating them in Ceramic will brighten the look of headlights with results lasting 3x longer.

Carnauba Wax

Carnauba is a plant based wax that forms a hard coating on the paint while producing a high shine. Wax is a protectant & creates a hydrophobic surface on the car causing water to bead and fall off the paint.


Claybar & fallout remover safely removes above surface contaminants, restoring a smooth & clean surface. Paint is returned to its natural gloss and creates a better surface for waxes & sealants to bond to.

The future of vehicle protection.


Invisible protection.

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We offer many more Ceramic Pro services and packages. To see a full listing with details, click here to download the official Georgian Detailing – Ceramic Pro Brochure.

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