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Interior Packages

Additional charges may apply to vehicles that fall into the following categories: oversized, heavily soiled, contain pet hair, exhibit excessive salt buildup, odours due to smoke/vapor, or display stubborn staining. These factors require specialized attention and additional resources.

Maintenance Interior Clean (Approx 1hr)

Basic Interior Vacuum & Wipe Down

Vacuum Cabin Carpets & Seats

Clean Floor Mats

Clean Interior Vinyl

Clean Interior Glass & Screens

Starting at $125.00

 Seasonal Interior Detail (Approx 3hrs)

 *Add an Exterior Wash Starting at $40.00*

Shampoo Floors & Salt Stains Removed

Detail All Interior Vinyl 

Wipe & Vacuum Seats

Trunk Vacuumed

Door Jambs Wiped

Clean Interior Glass & Screens

Starting at $200.00

Complete Interior Detail
(Approx 4-5hrs)

Professional Exterior Wash

Shampoo Carpets & Seats

Clean & Recondition All Interior Vinyl & Leather

Trunk Shampooed & Recondition Vinyl

DoorJambs Cleaned

Clean Glass & Screens

Starting at $300.00 / Vans & Work Trucks $375.00

VIP Interior Detail (Approx 6hrs)

The ultimate interior detail for those seeking the best!  Our highly trained staff ensures a top-tier clean, including steam cleaning, extracting, shampooing, and reconditioning of all interior surfaces.

Contact For Estimate.  

Exterior Packages

 Professional Exterior Wash

*Upgrade to a paste wax for $50.00*

Hand Wash & Dry

Detailed Wheels & Wheel Wells

Tire Shine & Clean Door Jambs

Spray Wax Applied

$50.00 or $75.00 Trucks / SUV

The Clay & Wax

*Lifted trucks, aftermarket wheels,

and accessories require a quote.*

Professional Exterior Wash

Clay Bar & Paint Decontamination

Paste Wax Applied by Hand

Starting At $200.00

Headlight Restoration

Sand & debris from the road while traveling at high speeds deteriorates the finish of headlights and leaves them looking cloudy. Polishing the headlights & coating them in Ceramic will brighten the look of headlights with results lasting 3x longer.

Starting at $100.00

Contact For Accurate Quote

DFI Windshield Protection

Windshields coated with Diamon-Fusion® are tested to be 10x more resistant to damage from road debris while making driving safer by repelling rain or snow & reducing glare. The repellant is UV resistant and will not blister or peel like other coatings.

Starting At $125.00

Engine Shampoo

*Additional charges may apply for engine shampoos involving aftermarket components, oil leaks, exposed electrical elements, and rust proofing. Please disclose these details before booking.*

Clean and remove engine debris and grime

Recondition plastics and hoses

Clean underside of hood

Starting at $50.00

Or Contact For Estimate

One Step Paint Correction

Paint Decontamination & Claybar

Rims Cleaned & Detailed

Stage 1 Machine Polish to Remove 50% of Paint Defects

Starting At $500.00

Or Contact For Estimate


The future of vehicle protection.


Invisible protection.

Looking for something Specific?

we offer many services from detailing to paint protection film, window tint and ceramic coating. If you have a specific need please give us a call or e-mail.

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